Michael Legg Web Development Brisbane


Hi and welcome to my web site.

As you might have guessed, my name is Michael Legg and I've been involved in the Brisbane I.T. industry for over 18 years.

Over that time I'd had the pleasure of working with hundreds of business owners and they will all attest to the quality and reliabilty of my work.

And best of all, I like to treat my clients as people not numbers!

Web Development

If you're looking for reliable web development services with exceptional customer support, then look no further.

I can create a powerful online presence for your business, designed to satisfy your unique requirements.

Advice & Consultancy

Need help choosing a web hosting provider, setting up your email software or increasing visitors to your site?

I can provide advice on, and management of your entire online presence - leaving you to concentrate on what you do best!

So whether you are a small business taking your first steps into the online world or an established company looking to improve the image or functionality of your existing web site, I can provide your complete web solution!

If you'd like to contact me, please call me on 0430 111 295, email me at Javascript Required or submit the form on the contact page and I'll be happy to have a chat.